Sunday, January 21, 2007

Choose your boobs

Night. Cool air. Cruising up and down busy boulevards. Everywhere you glance, beautiful girls. Neon signs light up the night. Crowds lining up in front of the hottest bars and clubs. Taco shops full of people with the drinking munchies.

This was the environment I was immersed in when four cute young girls hailed my cab from the side of the street. I pulled close and they piled in. Blondes, brunettes, redhead, the whole spectrum. We were off into the grid of the Pacific Beach streets. They needed to go to Mission Valley and this ride was going to be a nice one. It was going to run them about $25 I estimated.

They were in a very good mood and buzzed from the alcohol consumed that night. Giggles, laughter, and joking abounded. The girl sitting in the middle back seat was the most talkative and started telling me about a cab ride she had taken with several friends where the driver gave them a free ride for showing off their boobs. She went on and on. She said one of the girls let the driver fondle her bare tit all the way home. Then she told me the tale of a certain ride with a gay friend of hers who gave the driver a blowjob on the way home for a free ride. "Will you turn off the meter if we show you our tits?"
"Ladies, I've seen tits. Tonight I'm working for cash."
Pleading, coaxing, begging to show bare breasts. They must be really strapped for cash I was thinking. I wasn't going to relent. Now, I'm a red-blooded all-american man. Of course I wanted to see the tits, but, I was going to get paid.

We approached their destination, about two blocks away.., "Now will you turn off the meter if I flash you". Well two blocks isn't going to hurt. "O.k., I guess so", so off the meter goes. We pulled up to the curb. The talkative one in back moved forward, hands on the t-shirt neckline, ready and poised to pull down and expose.
"Wait!", I said, and all is quiet, moving my gaze from her to the girl sitting in front, a super cute asian girl with black shiny hair in bangs with two HUGE round breasts. "I want to see hers instead."

Her friends all started laughing, saying, "Yeah, show yours, yours are the best anyway!" Somewhat embarrassed, but apparantly up to the challenge she said, "o.k., I guess so" She turned sideways to face me, held her left hand up and pulled one side of her black shirt down to briefly flash one huge perfectly round boob, and back it went. I did get a good, although quick look. We all had a laugh, they paid me, minus the $2 boob savings and I turned around and headed back into the night, back to the beach.


Michelle said...

Ok, since I finally got around to reading some of my comments I found you. :o)

I gotta say, I wish I could send a lot of my little girls your way. I've seen waaaay more boobs than I've EVER wanted to see since I started driving a cab. I just don't appreciate them the way some dude driver would. I've seen 'em, I got 'em. Don't wanna see any more.


cleveland cabbie said...

about ten years ago, when i was much better looking than i am today, i had a drunk, clean-cut, college-age girl offer me oral sex while driving her home with a friend. she was serious. her friend kept chastising her but she persisted and i thought they were going to actually fight in the back seat. she kept telling her friend, "i wanted to get laid tonight and this driver is cute!" how did i react? beyond the humor of the situation, i was honestly offended. even at that time i was old enough to be her father (barely). i found her advances to be demeaning in some way. i dropped them off at separate destinations with no further incident.