Monday, January 15, 2007

She felt so free!

One night at about 2am, I was driving down Riviera Dr. in the Pacific Beach area. I'm always scanning the side of the road for passengers. I saw a lady walking by herself. Now I never do this, but for some reason I pulled over to her even though she hadn't waived me down or even looked at me. I just had a feeling she might want a ride. So I asked her and sure enough she said she did want a ride. She climbed in the back and I turned to look at her and said, "hi". She looked to be in her mid-forties I'd imagine. She had blond hair and blue eyes and a nice figure from what I could tell. She was all bundled up in skiing style polyester overalls, a turtle-neck shirt and a beanie. It was a cold night.

She said she wanted to go to Hoboken, which is a pizza joint that stays open late. I started on our way. She wanted to go there and eat a slice or two and have a beer. Then she wanted me to come and pick her up when she was done, so I gave her my card. We exchanged some polite chit chat and then she said that if it weren't so cold, she'd flash me. I told her, "I'll turn the heat on, on the way back then!", thinking I was funny, not really expecting that. We pulled up to the place and I let her out.

About an hour later, I received a call from her. She was ready to be picked up. As we were headed back, I glanced in the back and saw something very surprising. She had undone the top of her overalls and pulled her shirt all the way up over her tits! She wasn't wearing a bra. She was lightly cupping them and running her middle fingers underneath them. I so calmly and casually asked, "Hey, what are you doing back there?"
"Oh, I just like to do this. It feels nice. It makes me feel so free."
"Oh, o.k., that's cool" I said as I proceeded to drive her home. I glanced back a few times on the way and they were still hangin right out there the whole time. They were a nice medium size and firm and plump looking and I was stoked to be checking those babies out.

We pulled up into her apartment parking lot which was a part of a huge complex called the Bay View apartments, which was bathed in the cold glow of the security lighting fixtures. There was no one around to be seen or heard at all. I turned around in my seat to look at her. She was caressing them and asked me, "Do you want to touch them?"
"Yeah, sure", I said. She leaned forward and I reached into the back and proceeded to lift each one alternately up and down, cupping them with my hands, like I was judging their weight. Then lightly pinching and twisting her nipples, like using an etch-a-sketch, then squeezed them like I was testing for a ripe tomatoes at the market. At this point I felt a little bolder and asked, "Can I kiss them?"
"Sure, go ahead", she said. So I leaned a little further back and kissed each one of them and gently nibbled and sucked on them!

Let me tell you, I was so bored this night before this episode, that now I thought, where the hell am I?... the Twilight Zone, Penthouse magazine, or what !!? After a minute or so, I imagine, she backed away a little and I stopped. I'm a polite guy so I thought I'd offer to return a favor and asked, "Do you want to see anything of mine?" At this point she got nervous and started moving to get out. She paid me and quickly exited the back of the car with her breasts still fully exposed in the pale moonlight. I said, "Are you sure? I could come up to your place or something"
"No, no, that's o.k., I have a lot to do right now", which seemed an odd thing at 3am.
"Thanks, you have my card if you need a ride sometime!", I shouted as she scurried away towards the building, pulling her shirt back down. She would eventually end up calling me again in about a week; but that's another story...