Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Newbie Christian Bankrobber

When you drive a cab you are often presented with situations where you can either be good or bad. Being a complex character of differing extremes I've dabbled in both (depending on your viewpoint of what good or bad is).

One evening a blond guy in his late 30's got in the cab. He was obviously drunk and he said he was looking for fun. It was after 2:00 am, so all the bars were closed, but he still wanted some kind of action.

"Man, I'm a bad guy in Pacific Beach. I grew up here and I know everybody." He said. "This is my last night of freedom. Tomorrow I go to get sentenced. I'm probably going to jail."
"Why what did you do?" I asked.
"Ah, I was part of a bank robbery. I didn't rob it, but I was a part of the scheme"
"Oh, damn"
Then he went on about how he wanted to find some chicks to do. He was asking me if I knew any prostitutes. Well I don't, and I wouldn't have told him if I did anyway. I had been going to church very regularly and I wanted to steer him to a different path.
"Hey man, take me somewhere to find some chicks. I want to get laid." The streets were deserted. It was very late and the city was asleep. "Come on man, your a taxi driver! Where can we go?" A light misty fog was rolling in and the winter air had an icy chill.
He was pretty drunk and I knew he was pushing it, trying to squeeze something more into his night. I've noticed that you have to kind of go with the flow of things and situations because when you keep pushing for fun or action when things are saying "wind down", something bad can easily happen.
"Dude, why don't you just chill and go home to bed"
"Man, I'm really scared about tomorrow. I need to get my mind off of it"
"Dude, did you ever try praying to God. I do that and it usually helps my mind to chill out", I said.
"Whoa, I can't believe you said that!" He said, "Are you a christian, do you believe in God?"
"Really with your heart you believe?"
"Whoa, man that is so fucking cool! I'm a christian too. I've been hanging out with these christian dudes and they're really cool! We go to church every Sunday and have prayer meeting and everything. Man, I think I can really change and turn things around. I know I've been a total fuck up. I had my own business and just bought a big ol' bad-ass Ford F-250. Now I'm gonna go to jail."
"Well, just keep praying and ask for God's guidance and He'll be with you and you'll make it through for sure," I said.
"Will you pray with me tonight? Right here, right now. Please brother I need your help. It would help me so much.
I think he started to cry a little bit.
"Sure man, we can do that"

So I pulled over to the curb somewhere and we bowed our heads and I said a prayer asking for God's guidance and that his will would be done in this guy's life. I asked for his protection on him in whatever might happen and that it would all turn out for the better among other things.
When I was done he thanked me profusely and I dropped him off at his friends house.
"Good luck tomorrow, dude!", I shouted as he walked up the sidewalk to the house.
"Thanks brother!, God bless you!"

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