Saturday, January 6, 2007

Can't hold it!!!

It was a late, dark, and misty winter night. It was 2:15 am and I was waiting at a cab stand, which is where cabs line up to wait for passengers. I looked to my right out the passenger side window to see someone's head seemingly floating by, just the head in view , from the back of the cab forward. It turned out to be a guy rolling up in a wheelchair. He needed a ride home, which was a few miles away. I got out and went around to the passenger side to give him a hand. I opened up the door and he rolled up and lifted himself into the front seat. He had good upper body strength. He was a young guy probably in his early 20's and was drunk. I popped the trunk and rolled his chair around back to put it in. It was one of those sporty lightweight wheelchairs which fold up nice and small. I grabbed the seat, pulled up and it easily folded in two. I noticed the seat was completely wet, and upon further inspection, I saw he had a sports water bottle in a backpack on the back of the seat which must have spilled I figured.

After everything was stowed away we belted up and pulled away toward his home. He went on talking very animatedly and was a friendly, if somewhat boastful guy. He said he had a great night. He was telling me about all the girls he knew and was talking to that night. He was saying how he had so many bithes on the line and how he had been getting laid so much. I said "so where are they at right now." This made him seem a little angry. He said he was tired and just wanted to go home and relax by himself this night. I guess a guy needs to save up some energy sometimes.

Not much later we pulled up to his apartment building and I got out to pull his chair out of the trunk. I pulled it out, got it ready and rolled it to the passenger door. He lifted himself out, pulled out some cash and paid his fare. I don't think he tipped me, maybe just the change of one dollar. That's o.k. You take 'em as they come, because sometimes you get tipped huge, so it's all a part of the deal. Anyway, I hopped back in and rolled off. At the nearest intersection under the street lights I glanced over at the cloth passenger front seat and noticed it looked dark or something. Actually, it looked wet. Well, I put my hand down on it and yes it was very wet. I slowly brought my hand up to my nose... took a small sniff.. and.. it.. was.. PISS!! Son of a bitch! That bastard. Oh, well, I couldn't be too angry for very long and it subsided quickly. I mean the poor bastard was paralyzed from the waist down. I just hopped out, got my roll of paper towels, wadded up a shitload and started dabbing, pressing and wiping. What are you gonna do. I rolled down the windows cranked the heater and directed the air towards the seat. I just had to make sure no one else sat in front that night. I went and picked up more passengers that night and told everyone someone had spilled a bottle of water.

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