Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I don't play that

One night I picked up two guys from one of the bars in town. They were a local run so it wasn't going to be that great of a fare. They were really drunk. One started asking me questions and then said, "when was the last time you were cold cocked?", which means "sucker punched"
"why not?"
"because I have this." I pulled out a long metal flash light from under my seat.
Then he said, "What if I blast you right now?"

At this point I just pulled over about fifty yards from a police van.
"Get the hell out", I said as I stepped out of the cab holding the flashlight in my hand. I opened the back door and instructed the guys to get out immediately. They didn't move.
"Aw we were just kidding", one said.
"I'm not kidding; get the fuck out of my cab right now"

Then I yelled over to the police van saying, "hey these guys won't get out of my cab!" I don't mess around. I'm not going to joke about attacking cab drivers. They can walk.

Finally they said "ok, ok, we're leaving!", but still were just lingering looking at me. I kicked the back door shut and yelled,
"Then what are you still doing here?", I snapped, "get to stepping!", and they walked off into the shadows....

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cleveland cabbie said...

my customers seem to be getting more and more surly. i've been driving a cab for nearly 25 years, part-time or full-time, and the level of animosity from customers, or just plain rudeness, has gone thru the roof. i partially blame it on the rough economy here in cleveland. people are stressed, sullen and angry. they think cab drivers make an easy target. they certainly seem surprised when i give it right back to them or, on rare occasions, kick them out. they don't seem to think i'm allowed to do that. surprise!