Monday, January 1, 2007

Late Nights

Hi, I'm a cab driver in San Diego. I've been driving for almost four years now. A lot of weird stuff happens in the city at night that I get to see. Now you will know what I see also. Being a night time cab driver is the weirdest job I’ve ever had. Strange things happen after midnight...

I’m a lease driver. That means I don’t really work for the Company. I’m basically an independent operator. I decide where, when, how, and how long I work. I don't have a boss. I have just one co-worker, the dispatcher. I don’t get benefits and the company doesn’t hold aside taxes. The company doesn’t pay me at all. I pay a lease and all money I’ve taken in above and beyond my lease from my fares is mine.

This blog will be a series of true stories of what I've encountered on the streets. Check it out often, cuz there's always more!

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