Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sometimes there are naked boobies

People feel different about their cab driver than they would about a regular "joe" on the street. People for some reason feel comfortable to talk and tell intimate secrets or stories in the comfort of the closed car. One thing that has happened in the cab several times is women and girls flashing their breasts. Some have done it out of pride, maybe because they bought a new pair, and want to show off. Some want a discount or a free ride. Some just feel really friendly I guess and do it with their friend for a thrill, cuz I'm a nice guy and they say I'm a cool driver. I'm all for it, though I won't really reduce their cab fare, (maybe a couple of bucks, if I feel extra nice!).

I remember one summer evening driving in Pacific Beach. I was parked in front of Denny's at Mission Blvd. and Garnet St. In hop four very cute, very young ladies. Well, they only wanted to go to Hoboken Pizza, which is about six blocks or so. Not particularly exciting for me after sitting in that cab line-up for so long. Anyway, that's o.k. you take whatever comes along. Almost right away they bring up the subject of showing cab drivers their tits and could they get a discout. Well, I jokingly told them they could have a discount of 25 cents off per nipple. They argued but I held my ground.

"I've seen tits before girls, tonight I'm working for cash", I said. "It's only a few blocks and it won't cost you much at all"

I pretend I'm not really interested in looking. Then it seems they want to show them even more.

"Look", they said, "why won't you let us, give us a free ride, come on, Please". "We'll all show you and we'll even suck on them!"

By that time we had pulled up to the curb and the fare was about $3 or so I thought why not.

"Well, o.k., I guess so, go ahead", I said

The one girl who had been doing most of the talking seemed the most eager to flash was pushing forward from the middle seat in the back with her hands on the low neckline of her t-shirt. All the rest were either laughing or looking very embarassed.

"I thought you were all going to flash me" I said

It turned out the one in the middle seat in the back was the only one really willing to do it, but hey, whatever. So she leaned forward poking her chest out and pulled down her shirt. Out flopped two big ol' milky fleshy boobies. Pretty nice I must say, although they had little red bumps on them here and there.

"I thought you said you were going to suck on them", I said.

"I'll suck on that shit", said the cute thick asian girl in the front seat.

So she turned around and put her mouth on the other girls boob and really did suck it.

"Wow, ok girls, I guess you get a free ride."

They were laughing their asses off and so happy they had used their womanly guiles to get a free ride. I just laughed, clapped my hands in applause, waited for them to hop out, hung a left hand u-turn and went cruising for my next fare, thinking,

"Wow, what a trip. Those were pretty nice!"

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