Thursday, January 18, 2007

Macho Man

I picked up a Mexican couple from the bar Good Time Charlie's around closing time and started out of the parking lot. The guy was of average height but with an amazingly large round belly and was in the back seat. The lady, in the front, was attractive and each were in their late 30's I'd guess. This guy was pretty hammered and the woman did the talking at first. The lady told me her address, which was in Pacific Beach. This was when I had first started out and I wasn't familiar with the location of where they needed to go. "Do you know where that is?", she asked.
"No, I'm not sure that I do. Why don't you just direct me as we go.", I said.

She started to tell me directions when this guy piped up angrily, "That's not proper! He is our driver! He is the man and he'll take care of us!
She spoke the beginning of our directions to her house so I was able to start off in the right direction.
"Shut up!", he yelled at her. "Don't speak to him like that!"
"Sir, it's o.k., I'm still learning all the streets in this area, I don't mind if she tells me", I said.
She gave me another turn to take.
"I said that's not proper! He is our driver! He will take care of the situation!", said the fat gut guy.
"Sir, really it's o.k. I need her to tell me the directions. I don't know where you live."
"I'm so sorry", she said
"Goddamit! This is bullshit! I don't want you talking to him like that. If he is driving us, he will take care of us!"

At this point I started ignoring this guy and kept asking her the proper directions. He started getting angrier. This line of conversation went on in variations like this for several minutes. Finally he said, "Fuck this shit!, let me out of this cab!"
"What?", I asked
"Let me the fuck out of this cab! This is bullshit and I won't put up with this!"
I slowed down...
"You want out of the cab?", I said
"You want out right here?"
I came to a quick stop in the middle of the dark street.
"Then get out."
He opened the rear door and got out. I sped off with the girl still in the front seat.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the guy yelling and shaking his fist at me! I just chuckled to myself.
"I'm so sorry about him." He gets like that when he gets drunk.
"Are you going to be o.k.?", I asked.
"Yes, I'll be fine. The place is just up here." It turns out it was only about a block and a half from where I dropped the guy off. I was a little nervous of my stop being so close. I didn't want this asshole running up on me while I was stopped there trying to collect my fare.
"Oh, I'm so sorry but he has all the money. I don't have any to pay you." Can I take your number and I promise I'll send it to you."
"Don't you have any money at all?"
"No I don't"
"Well, alright, I guess. Here is my number", and I jotted down my info for her, let her out and drove off. It wasn't a very large fare, but I never got the money.

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