Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The crash on Mother's Day 2012

On Mother's day at about 3am I got into a wreck with a drunk driver.  He came barrelling around a curved off-ramp at freeway speeds.  I moved as far to the right as I could and he slammed straight into me.  He was driving a small older model Datsun pickup truck.  These Crown Victorias, (God save the Queen, and me!), are like tanks compared to that little ol' pickup.  My car stayed there and he went spinning around back the other way!  His truck was smoking as he got out and walked passed the side of my car.  I said "are you all right?" and he immediately took off running into the night.  I got out and walked over to the truck where I saw that his passenger was hanging half way out of the truck with a bleeding head and his legs all cramped up under the dashboard.  Some people pulled over and a guy pulled him out and laid him down by the side of the road.  The police and paramedics showed up pretty quickly and I think he was o.k.  I felt relatively o.k.  The funny thing is that my airbag never went off.  It seemed to me, and I imagined this in my mind, that God put his hand there between me and the steering wheel and softened the blow.

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